Brace Yourself, Cheap iPhone 6 On Its Way!

There is no doubt that the Apple iPhone 6 is one of the best smartphones around. On the downside of things, the iPhone 6 is also too costly to own by most consumers. Well, for those still dreaming about purchasing the iPhone 6, they can start looking forward to a cheaper variant coming out soon.

Known as the iPhone 6 Nano, the smartphone is rumoured to bear a 4” display and it will be a low cost variant of the original iPhone 6. Even though this may still be based on rumours, the iPhone 6 Nano’s production seems likely to happen.

This is evident when the late Steve Jobs said that 3.5” or 4” is the best screen size for smartphones. For the iPhone 6, screen size has gone beyond the way Steve Jobs has envisioned it. As such, Apple is hoping to correct their ways by introducing the iPhone 6 Nano.

Even though the Nano might come with a less than spectacular specs, the fact that it is small in size does not make it a technically demanding device at all. The iPhone 6 Nano will surely offer a gentle experience since users, particularly the ladies, can enjoy easier one-hand use of the device.

Furthermore, the iPhone 6 Nano will be playing an important role in Apple’s business department. With the company now dominating both the smartphone and phablet market, it is about time for Apple to start reaching out for the mid-tier device department.

Of course, doing so will only destroy Apple’s image as a premium device manufacturer but for the company, it is to expand its territories so that many more consumers can enjoy the quality of an iPhone.

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