Bon Voyage Nexus 6?

There is a huge buzz on the Nexus brand coming to a complete halt as Google intends to replace it with the Android Silver Program. While it is still unconfirmed by the search engine giant, many are anticipating the upcoming Nexus 6 as the perfect closure to an era of great yet affordable smartphones.

Today, things took a new twist after notorious leaker, @evleaks, revealed that there won’t be a Nexus 6 at all. Evleaks have a great track record for being spot on with their findings, which is why it is worrying when the group’s Evan Blass Tweeted that the Nexus 6 is no more.

This Tweet was soon followed by another post by the same guy which says that the Android Silver Program is the Nexus 6’s death reaper. Moments later, a final Tweet was shared and it teased that the Android Silver Program will commence around February next year.

Of course, this piece of information is still pending support from an official announcement by Google. Until that happens, readers are advised to take it with a pinch of salt. For all we know, the Nexus 6 will be making its debut in November this year.

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