BMW E90 Maintenance With A Catch

While most people would agree that the BMW E90 is one of the best vehicles to drive, it is definitely not known for being the most reliable model in the market.

After all the complaints and issue they had with the plastic water pump impellar, you would think that BMW will consider changing it up when they made the BMW E90 but they did not. Not only have they fitted it with the plastic empellar but it will also be fitted with an electric water pump that is easier to fail and also more costly to fix. Some people have reported that the electric water pump tends to fail at 40k miles.

Buyers were also not too happy about the fact that the BMW E90 does not come with a dipstick so the only way their customers will know if the oil is low is to check the sensor. So what happens when the sensor malfuctions?

Well, this probably won’t affect the popularity of the vehicle but it can still be a very frustrating issue for their customers.


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