BMW 5 Series Revealed: Thanks For Nothing

The last update given to the BMW 5 Series was back in 2010 which means the BMW 5-Series is in serious need of an upgrade and luckily, BMW is almost ready to give us one.

The German automaker releases a new set of images showing us all the upcoming BMW 5 Series. While we did get to see the whole model, the BMW 5-Series in the images were heavily covered in camo stickers which mean most of the details are still a mystery. Thanks for nothing BMW.

The images showed BMW scanning the new BMW 5 Series sp that they can create a high-precision digital 3D model of the upcoming model. The new optical measuring tech will make sure the details are as accurate as possible so that they are able to pick out and identified any flaw at an early stage.

The new BMW 5-Series should be making its debut later this year as a 2017 model. There were reports predicted that the vehicle might make an appearance at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

Check out the images here.

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