BMW 1 Series Sedan Gets M Makeover

BMW has just unveiled the BMW 1 Series sedan which will be arriving as a China-only model and people have already started working on giving it an upgraded design. The concept design seen here was created by artist X-Tomi who thinks that this is how the BMW 1 Series will look like with an M makeover.

Of course, we don’t know of BMW plans to give the BMW 1 Series sedan an M guise or not but they do, we won’t mind if it ends up looking like this. Some fans were not too happy about the fact that the vehicle will be a China-only model. With that look, the BMW 1 Series would probably do well here in the US.

As for the BMW 1 Series Sedan, most of the details are not here yet. We are still waiting for BMW to shed some like on the engine under the hood. Check out the rendering by X-Tomi and tell us what you think.

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