Blackberry Priv: Can’t Fight The War Alone

It was reported that Blackberry market share dropped even further this year despite releasing the Blackberry Priv. As successful as the Blackberry Priv was, one successful device is not going to be enough if Blackberry plans to go back to where they were a few years ago.

There were already talks about Blackberry working to release a few more Android-powered Blackberry device although nobody knows when the devices will be arriving.

Ditching the Blackberry BB10 OS and going for the Android was one of the smartest moves Blackberry could have made. One of the reasons why people avoided the Blackberry Passport was because of the weak app store that BB10 had. Blackberry have been trying to get app developers to work on BB10 apps but nobody was really interested.

That problem no longer exists now that they switched over to Android. With Blackberry’s security and Android’s App store, Blackberry might just hang around for a little while longer.

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