Blackberry Passport: Where Did It Go Wrong

Looking at how well the Blackberry Priv is doing right now, it is easy to see what went wrong with the Blackberry Passport.

The Blackberry Passport was spot on when it came to its hardware but the fact that it was running on the BB10 OS at that time meant was one of the reasons why it was a flop.

Just like the Windows 10 OS right now, the consumers are worried that if they do make the switch to the Blackberry Passport, will they be missing out on the important and popular apps that Android and iOS users will be using.

Things definitely change for the better when Blackberry finally decided to give up on the BB10 OS and release their Blackberry Priv with the Android OS. The device was an instant hit.

Although Blackberry market shares continue to drop, we think that it might improve once they start releasing a few more Android-powered models.

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