Black Samsung Galaxy S7 Defeats It Own Purpose, Like iPhone 7

We understand why people like having the glossy black version of their smartphone. It looks great and black devices generally age well but the fact is that Glossy Black might be the most impractical color to own.

Just like the iPhone 7, it has been leaked that Samsung too will be offering their Samsung Galaxy S7 with a Glossy Black color. With the Note 7 now out of the picture, Samsung is doing everything they can to make their customers but the S7 and they seem to think that offering a glossy black version will do the trick.

Well, while we do admit that the glossy black version does look great, the glossy black also means that oily fingerprints will be more visible now. If you would like to avoid that from happening, you will have to get a casing but then again, that will defeat the real purpose of getting the glossy black Samsung Galaxy S7 in the first place.

How many of you are actually looking forward to getting the glossy black version?

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