Black Friday 2016: Go Google Pixel Verizon

As you know, Verizon’s Google Pixel can’t be rooted and that was one of the reasons why people preferred to get their device from Google instead of Verizon but maybe their Black Friday deal will convince the consumers to forget about its rooting limitation.

Verizon has announced that they will be reducing the price of the Google Pixel by $200 this Friday and Saturday. Getting the device from Verizon will mean that you will have a sign a contract with them but that means you get to save $200.

Of course, the deal will also work for the Google Pixel XL model. Customers will get to choose from all the storage options as well.

To get the deal, users will have to agree to Verizon’s device payment plans which means you will have to pay off the smartphone for two years. After the discount, the Google Pixel with 32GB should cost about $10 a month.

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