Bioware Sourcing Ideas From Fans For Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered

There is a lot of anticipation for Mass Effect 4 that many fans actually forgot requesting for Bioware to remake the first Mass Effect Trilogy. Yesterday, the fans were reminded of it when Bioware questioned the fans on what they wish to see coming in the Mass Effect Trilogy.

The question was raised at Bioware’s social network profiles and the fans were quick to give the game developer their answer. Apparently, most fans agreed that they wish to see the Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered with all the DLCs included. Fans made it clear that they would hate it if Bioware forces them to purchase DLC remakes for a game they’ve already played.

The second most important thing requested by the fans is for Bioware to improve the graphics of the first trilogy in Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered. Since the game is going to be released on the Xbox One and PS4, playing it with below-par graphics will be unacceptable for the fans.

On the downside of things, Bioware cooled down the discussion by claiming that Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is still unconfirmed. Nevertheless, fans are now hoping for Bioware to create the game since it will be the perfect mood-setter for Mass Effect 4.

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