Bioware Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered’s Wishlist Caught Fans By Surprise!

Bioware was the centre of attention on Facebook yesterday after the game developer requested for fans feedback. What is surprising about this is that the question raised by Bioware does not concern Mass Effect 4 but instead, on a possible remake of the Mass Effect first trilogy.

Tentatively-titled as Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered, Bioware was asking the Mass Effect community on what they would love to see in the game. In a matter of seconds, the Mass Effect population commented on the post and apparently, all of them would love it if Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is all-inclusive of the DLCs.

The fans agreed that they wouldn’t be appealed by the remake of the first trilogy if they are forced to fork out extra cash to purchase the DLCs.

On another note, most fans would love to see Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered coming with a more sophisticated graphics. After all, the game is surely going to make its debut on the Xbox One and PS4, and having it with old-school technicalities will be dreadful.

Of course, there are many other suggestions shared by the fans but the wishlist was cut short when Bioware revealed that they make no promises on Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered production.

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