Bioware Digs Up Demands On Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered

Last week, Bioware was spotted running a survey on its social network accounts. Apparently, the game developer was building a wishlist for Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered and it didn’t take long for fans to share what they want to see in the highly anticipated remake of Mass Effect trilogy.

The fans agreed that their biggest desire is for Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is for it to come with every DLC included. Fans will definitely hate it if they have to pay extra for the DLCs which they have already played.

On another note, the fans would love it if Bioware could improve on Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered’s graphics. After all, the tile is expected to debut on the Xbox One and PS4. Having the game with old-school graphics will only disrupt the gaming experience.

Nevertheless, fans would definitely welcome Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered with arms wide open. After all, there is no better way to start on Mass Effect 4 than through playing the entire trilogy all over again.

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