Beyond Good & Evil: Refresh You Memory For Free

Ubisoft has just announced that the game Beyond Good & Evil is in development. They also release a few images of the humanoid creatures in the game. They, however, did not announce when the game will be arriving.

While we wait for them to complete the new Beyond Good & Evil, why not refresh our memory a little. As part of their 30th-anniversary celebration, Ubisoft is now offering their first Beyond Good & Evil game for free for the whole month of October. You will need a Uplay account to play and you can only play it on PC but it is free so what are you waiting for.

As for the next Beyond Good & Evil game, nobody really knows if it is going to be a sequel or not because so far, Ubisoft has never called it Beyond Good & Evil 2. All they said was that they are working on a new Beyond Good & Evil game.

Steven Estevez

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