Beyond Good & Evil 2: Wait Not Even Close To Over

The sequel to Beyond Good & Evil, Beyond Good & Evil 2 was announced way back in 2008 which means it should be close to ready. In fact, it should have been out by now but according to the developer, the game is not close to being ready.

According to Michel Ancel, the creator of the game, the new Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a very serious development for Ubisoft suggesting that they won’t be axing it out of the blue.

He also added that while he and his team has been working on it since they’ve completed Rayman Legends’, there is still a very ling way to go which means we might still have to wait for years before we get to see the game.

Everything went silent after the first announcement back in 2008 leading many people to believe that the game might have been axed but they started teasing it this year and even reannounce the game last month assuring fans that the game is still going to happen.

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