Beyond Good & Evil 2: New Character Designs Unveiled

The Beyond Good & Evil sequel have been announced a long time ago but the slow production rate and lack of information had many of us thinking that the game might not be happening after all.

Luckily for us, that is not the case here. Michel Ancel, the designer for the Series has now released a set of images giving us a much-needed insight into the Beyond Good & Evil 2 game.

He posted a few images on Instagram of what many believe is the some of the humanoid animals in the game but unlike the original game, this sequel will be getting more photorealistic animals. You can check them out here.

Although he did not specifically say that the game in pre-production is the Beyond Good & Evil 2, it is pretty clear by the animals that he showed on Instagram that it is the Beyond Good & Evil sequel.

Steven Estevez

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