Bethesda Should Take Some Notes From Mass Effect 4

It is no secret that Bioware is currently producing Mass Effect 4 but little do gamers know on the importance of this upcoming fourth sequel. To be specific, we are referring to how Mass Effect 4 can assist Bethesda in developing one of the most sought after titles, Fallout 4.

The latter is still an unconfirmed IP and is pending for production. The fans are pointing out that perhaps, Bethesda can learn a thing or two from the Mass Effect franchise.

Having a similar RPG styling, Fallout 4 can be a magnitude better if, like Mass Effect 4, it allows companions to stick around until the end of times. This will offer a much better gaming experience instead of having a virtual friend that is relatively useless in every way. Heck, even GTA 5 has offered such a feature and it is nothing to be ashamed about.

Also, massive open world titles like Fallout 4 should allow the basic necessities of life to co-exist with the game’s requirements. Like Mass Effect 4, players should be granted more freedom to eat, drink, live, breathe and more importantly, love. Having a relationship in a game will surely enrich its storyline.

Then there is the decision making which needs to have more influence to the plot for Fallout 4. Back in Fallout New Vegas, every decision made does not narrow down in the concluding event. This is where Mass Effect 4 excels and Bethesda should start learning about it.

With that being said, it is time for game developers to drop their egos and start taking inspirations from each other. It is not about generalizing the way RPG is played. Instead, doing so will make future titles like Fallout 4 more in-depth and pleasant than before.

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