Bethesda Cancelled Fallout 4 Due To Online Mishap

Fallout 4 has always been a controversial subject as it is a highly anticipated title that is pending to get announced by Bethesda. Even so, fans of the Fallout franchise are kept hyped up with the aid of rumours on Fallout 4.

If the latest rumour is to be followed, then fans are in for a bad news. The word is that Fallout 4 has been cancelled by Bethesda entirely due to an internal feud in developing the game. Apparently, the game developer is unable to create Fallout 4 the way they wanted, even if they have fully purchased the franchise.

In detail, Bethesda has been attempting to develop Fallout 4 as an MMORPG title. However, their vision for the game was sanctioned by Fallout’s original creator, Interplay Entertainment. Bethesda is quoted to be upset by the matter and hence, decided to drop the Fallout franchise once and for all.

Of course, this is still a rumour and is best taken with a pinch of salt. Fallout is one of the biggest and most profitable gaming franchises in history. Clearly, there is no way for Bethesda to retire the series just like that.


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