Best iOS 7 Jailbreak Apps Users Should Try

The iOS 7 jailbreak is by far the best mobile OS in our books. The system is flawless like the original iOS and it is also customizable like the Android system.

However, the biggest perk is with the Cydia tweaks that are exclusive to the untethered iOS 7. While there are many of them, here are the best few for you to consider.

First and foremost is Weatherboard. It simply adds life to your iPhone as there will be weather animation running on your lock screen as well as home screen. Better yet, it is interactive and emits sound when unlocking the device.

Then there is the Guestmode app. It is basically restricts the phone usage to certain apps and media files. This way, users can share their device without fearing any security breach. The app cost $0.99.

Vmojis 7 is next on the list. For $2.99, users will get 800 new emoticons for their messengers. It can be loaded by just keying in 123 on the keyboard.

Re-design your iPhone further with Status Bar Suite. At no cost at all, users can use the tweak to customize what icons they wish to see on their notification bar.

Finally is Lokify. This highly popular tweak is also free of charge and it allow users to customize their screen further through modifying parts.

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