Best iOS 7 Cydia Apps For iPhone (Roundup)

Apple iPhones running on the iOS 7 jailbreak will not only get the best from Apple but also get the ability to thoroughly customize their device with the Cydia apps. If you are new to this world, check out the top Cydia apps that you must have, below.

1. Weatherboard
For $1.99, you will get the most popular tweak of all. It basically adds in weather effects on your iPhone’s lock screen and home screen.

2. Vmojis 7
For only $2.99, you will get 800 emoji added to your iPhone.

3. Status Bar Suite
This free tweak allows you to decide which icon you wish to see on the iPhone’s status bar.

4. Sleepy Alarm
For only 99cents, you can stop worrying about not waking up on time. Simply input the time of the alarm and the app will sort everything else.

5. Locktify
This free tweak enables you to completely customize your lock screen.

6. CCSystem Status
Gives information on your device’s performance for free. Protection Status