Best HDTVs Rounded Up! (December 2014)

Last year witnessed the arrival of the last Plasma TV. This was confirmed at CES earlier this month when television manufacturers are looking to move ahead into the world of LEDs and OLEDs. Aside from that, there are many new great televisions introduced in 2014 too. Today, we are going to roundup some of the best TVs from 2014.

1. Samsung PNF8500
Get on your feet and start applauding because the Samsung PNF8500 is the last plasma TV ever. The technology that has never failed us for decades might be old now but the PNF8500 made it look no different from LED LCDs.

2. Vizio E series
Considering its super affordable price tag and insane offerings, the E Series landed itself on this list as one of the best TVs around. The device features local dimming from real direct LED backlight which enhances picture quality that is comparable to higher end TVs.

3. Sony XBR-X900B
A curved display, 4K resolution, and many exciting smart TV features, it seems that no one can go wrong with the Sony XBR-X900B. However, being new in the 4K market, the TV is certainly costly to own.

4. Samsung UNHU9000
While the UNHU9000 might come with a curved display, the TV is not technically gifted. However, it is still on this list for being packed with tons of features to offer. Consumers that imagine a smartphone in the form of a TV will surely get the UNHU9000.

5. LG EC9300 OLED TV
By far, this is the best TV in the world right now. Retailing at $3,500, it is certainly not cheap to own but considering that consumers will be getting the best picture in history, the LG EC9300 is simply splendid on every front.