The Best Credit Cards for Collecting Air Miles (List)

If you are moving away from home, say to attend college or a new job and you want to travel back home regularly, you might be wondering if it is worth applying for a credit card that offers air miles. But which credit card is the best?

Generally going through the conversion programs of credit cards offering free air miles can be something of a nightmare. If you fly with one airline all the time it will make the task of choosing a credit card easier as you could go with the one they recommend. However there are other options.

A solid choice for those who don’t just use one airline is the Chase Sapphire Preferred. This is due to the fact that it has a strong variation of points transfer partners and it includes such as RTW tickets along with Amtrak. You also get a 40,000 points bonus for signing up with them if you spend $3k during the first 3 months and this works out at around $400 in cash or credit on Amazon and this then offsets the annual fee you have to pay of $95.

Southwest Airlines are good as they don’t charge for checking bags and the fact that they have a Frequent Flier credit card that is superb. You can get any ticket on Southwest for miles or dollars and they don’t have blackouts. While the coverage perhaps isn’t as good as with some of the bigger carriers, providing they do cover your cities, this could be a great deal.

The Southwest CC is another good choice and you can sign up for a 50k miles bonus which is around the equivalent of two free round trips. You get yearly points and this works out as about the same as the fee if you should buy it.

Virgin Airline Visa is one that allows you to rack the points up fast; however there isn’t a yearly anniversary bonus with this one. Other options to consider include the American Express card with Starwood Preferred Guest program as this allows you to earn points in the hotel program of Starwood and you can transfer them into many airline programs along with getting a bonus of 20,000 SPG points which is 25,000 airline miles.

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