Berserk For Playstation 4 US Not Holding Back On The Gore

Berserk developer has confirmed that the US version of the game will be slightly different than what the Japanese fans are going to get.

Most of the game will remain the same but unlike the Japan version, it looks like the US version will come with more gore and dismemberment. Because of the rating board in Japan, the developers had to scale down on the gore level of the game.

According to Hisashi, they plan to unlock some violent content in the Western version. The addition of more blood and gore should not affect the gameplay of the game much.

This is definitely not the first time developers have to tone down their game for Japan as their regulation for violence and nudity. Games like The Witcher 3 had to be censored due to the amount of nudity in the game.

The developer has not announced an official release date yet.


Steven Estevez

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