Battlefield 1: US Over France & Russia?

The game Battlefield 1 might have gotten a lot of good reviews but some fans are wondering if the developer actually got the key players in World War 1 right. We know that in the game, there is the Germans and the Britain and the US but where is France?

Well, it looks like we might get to see France enter the battlefield when they release the next DLC. It has been announced that France along with Russia will enter the game as DLC factions and of course, some people are not too happy about that.

Many fo them are saying that since France and Russia played a bigger role in the World War 1, they should have been included in the game earlier on instead of the US.

Other seems to think that the developers fitted the US in the war because it would help them market the game in the US. The other countries that were in the base game include Austrian, Ottoman Empire and Italy.

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