Battlefield 1 For PS4 Pro Not Up To Standard Anymore

The Playstation 4 Pro is supposed to be the upgraded and more powerful version of the PS4 but it looks like Battlefield 1 players will not be able to enjoy its full power for now.

DICE has just released a new patch for the game Battlefield 1 and it did not take long for the players to notice that the game’s framerate dropped significantly after the patch. Not only does the game look ‘softer’ now but some players also commented saying the game feels worst in some of the big modes.

So what does DICE has to say about all of this? Well, nothing for now, we have not heard from the developers just yet. Let’s hope that it is because they are busy working on a fix for their latest patch.

Poeple seems to be having mixed feelings about Sony’s new Playstation 4 Pro and issues like this is not going to help even though it might not be Sony’s fault.

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