Battlefield 1 Beta: Only A Week

In case you have not heard, the beta version of Battlefield 1 is not available and you might want to get in there fast because it looks like it is only going to be around for a week or so.

Although no end date was announced by EA yet, some fans have reported that their Origin account has indicated that the beta trial will expire on the 8th of September which means we have about a week to test it out.

Some fans are saying that the date is not there for them so we do not know if this detail is true or not.

There were also reports about fans failing to connect to the EA server. The only solution so far is to keep trying until you get in. We do not know if EA is working on the fix but let’s hope they are.

Others reported that the resolution scaler is a little bit off right now. Well, it is a beta after all.

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