Battlecry, Deep Down, Overkill’s The Walking Dead: More Bad News

We got to see some new game at E3 this year and also received some additional details about upcoming games but there were also games that were missing from the show this year.

Battlecry was announced back in 2012. When it was announced, it was predicted that the game will be arriving in 2016 but with the game skipping E3, chances are we might be seeing the game arriving this year.

Capcom showed off the trailer for the game Deep Down a few year ago and we were hoping that they would have more to offer this year but they did not. The absence has lead many fans to speculated that may Capcom dropped the game to focus on Dragon’s Dogma Online.

After what they did with Payday, fans had very high hopes for the game when Overkill announce that they were working on a new Walking Dead game but like the other two, the game did not make it to E3 leading fans to speculate that the game might have gotten canceled.

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