Batman: Arkham Knight Didm’t Want To Play

The developers of the Batman franchise did a great job building the game up to the this latest installment but everything came crashing down the moment the game was released.

After everything they did in the last few games, they manage to get the fans all excited about the Arkham Knight. Fans had more than a few theories about who the Knight would be but all those nights spent trying to guess who the Knight is was wasted the when they revealed that the Knight was none other than Jason Todd.

Right from the beginning, the game has been indicating that Jason Todd was the Knight but fans were hoping for an epic twist in the story but that did not happen. Instead, it felt like the developers just wanted to get the identity out there and reveal it just for the sake of it.

To make things worst, the boss fight wasn’t that much of a challenge either.

Steven Estevez

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