Audi S1 Won’t Be The Star For Long, Audi RS1 Ready To Take Over

The Audi S1 was the one to go for if you were looking for a premium performance model but now that Audi might be working on an RS1 model, the S1 will probably have to step down from the stage soon.

Audi initially insisted that they will not be working on an RS badge A1 model but with the demand for Hot hatches on the rise now, we can see why Audi is considering it once more.

It has been speculated that Audi could be working on a new Audi RS 1 model and that the new model will be powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that will be delivering about 300hp. If that is the case, the new Audi RS1 will come in to sit on top of the Audi S1 model which delivers about 231hp right now.

It has been reported that Audi might be showing off the new Audi RS1 at the Geneva Motor Show next year. What do you think?

Steven Estevez

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