Audi Q5 Won’t Be Waiting For Volvo XC60

We know that Volvo is currently working on upgrading their Volvo XC60 model and if they think that that will be enough for them to take down their biggest rival the Audi Q5, think again.

To make sure they are not left behind, Audi is also working on the next generation Audi Q5 and the prototypes have just been spotted on the road. The prototype was heavily covered in camo stickers so it did not reveal much of the details but we do know that the upcoming Audi Q5 will be riding on the MLB-evo platform.

The exterior of the Audi Q5 will most likely get an update to match the rest of the lineup which means it will be fitted with the new grille as well as the new set of lightings. The petrol and diesel engine options will most likely come mated to a six-speed manual, a seven-speed dual clutch or an eight-speed auto transmission.


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