Audi A5 Won’t Protect You In Time Of Need, Not Alone

Audi will be issuing a new recall to recall back the Audi A5 after an issue with the airbag was discovered. Besides the Audi A5, models like the Audi A4 and Audi Q5 will also be affected by the recall as well.

According to the report, the airbags on the Audi A5, Q5 and A4 might not deploy in a crash. It is believed that corrosion to the airbag control unit could be the problem here. NHTSA reported that the airbag control unit power supply allows TiN corrosion to developed which led to the airbag control unit failing.

Affected models will include the Audi A4, A5, and Q5 from 2008 to 2009. Audi did not announce the number of units of will be affected by the recall. Affected owners will be contacted soon.

NHTSA added that the airbag indicator light illumination should indicate whether the system has malfunctioned or not.

Steven Estevez

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