AT&T Breach Leaves iPhone 5S Unlock Codes Stolen

AT&T has been emailing all of its users to notify them on a security breach that occurred within the company. In this bizarre incident, the All-American network revealed that an insider has broken into the company’s database and got access to every customer’s Social Security numbers and call records.

AT&T is unsure on how many accounts were affected by the breach, which took place between April 9 and 21. Then again, the carrier did some further investigation and realized that the breach was to obtain the unlock codes for the iPhone 5S.

This makes sense in every way. Apple is about to launch the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S users would want to get more value when selling away their devices. In order to get more value for the iPhone 5S, it has to be carrier unlocked.

While the decision for AT&T to notify its users on the incident seems honest, some viewed it with scrutiny. One AT&T user went as far as calling it a huge gimmick for marketing purposes. After all, nobody needs to go through customer’s profile to retrieve unlock codes for the iPhone 5S.

Nevertheless, the case is being handed over the local authorities and there has yet to be any reports on losses from AT&T and the customers.

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