ASUS ZenWatch Review: The Coolest Smartwatch Yet?

ASUS has just released their first ever smartwatch and it is known as the ZenWatch. Unlike the wearables offered by Samsung and LG, the ZenWatch is more like the Moto 360 as it arrives to make a fashion statement.

In detail, ASUS made the ZenWatch to come with a stainless steel clock face with a single button hiding underneath it. The screen runs on 320x320p resolution and a battery that drains very slowly. The ZenWatch runs on the Android Wear OS and it is truly a stylish smartwatch to own.

As for the functions, the ZenWatch comes with unlock the phone feature, picture viewing, Wellness applications and a remote Camera function. The clock face operates via touch sensors so users don’t have to continuously rely on the OK Google voice commands. This certainly helps in preventing users from looking all geeky when using the smartwatch.

The downside to the ZenWatch is with its customizability. The device simply lacks colour option as it is only offered in brown and grey. ASUS will have to introduce more colour variants with the ZenWatch if they wish to appeal to the masses.