ASUS ZenWatch Review: Taking Geeks Out Of The Equation

ASUS is now part of the wearables market after the tech manufacturer launched their first ever smartwatch. Known as the ZenWatch, the device runs on the Android Wear platform and it looks nothing like the other smartwatches in the industry.

The ZenWatch is simply delightful as it sports a neat rectangular clock face that can be mistaken for the Apple Watch. There is a single button hidden under the clock face, thus, eliminating the need of a knob.

The ZenWatch also has a display resolution of 320×320. Hence, the smartwatch from ASUS is comparable to market dominators like the Samsung Galaxy Gear Live and the LG G Watch R. Then again, the ZenWatch is a step ahead since it offers better battery life than its rivals.

The best part about the ZenWatch is that it does not make the user look all-too geeky. There is ample room for users to tap on the screen so it does not need the aid of OK Google to get the job done.

The only downside to the ZenWatch is the fact that it lacks more colour options. The device is currently being offered in either brown or grey, which is very limited to the average consumer.

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