ASUS ZenWatch Review: Giving Mainstream Wearables A Run For Their Money

Taiwanese tech giant has finally launched their first ever wearable and it is known as the ZenWatch. The smartwatch came out to the surprise of many is it arrived with an enticing design that one can mistake it for an Apple Watch.

In detail, the ZenWatch has a rectangular clock face that is appropriately designed. The face is made of stainless steel and there is no gear knob around. While it might sound awkward to some, there is one button hidden underneath the face.

ASUS might not be a leading tech manufacturer but the ZenWatch is built with some high end specs that put it on the same platform with the Moto 360, LG G Watch R and the Samsung Galaxy Gear Live.

The device basically features a screen resolution of 320x320p and the battery life is able to life for days. Furthermore, the screen size allows users to actually utilize touch screen as the main method of function instead of looking all geeky and rely on OK Google speech commands.

The stylish ZenWatch seems to have ticked all the right boxes in becoming among the best smartwatches around. If there is a flaw with the ZenWatch, it would have to be with the lack of colour option for the customers to choose from.

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