ASUS ZenWatch Review: Finally, A Non-Embarrassing Smartwatch To Wear

ASUS has finally launched their very first wearable and it is the ZenWatch smartwatch. The device comes with a slim chassis and a stylish rectangular clock face. It actually looks so good that many consumers mistake it for the upcoming Apple Watch.

The ZenWatch is running on the Android Wear platform and unlike other smartwatches, the device does not look geeky on the wrist. It is built with stainless steel for the clock face and it features a single tiny button that is hidden at the back-left of the device.

In technical terms, the ZenWatch’s display runs on 320×320 resolution, which is pretty similar to the LG G Watch R and the Samsung Gear Live. Despite the sharp display and well-lighted screen, the ZenWatch does not drain the battery too quickly.

The smartwatch is also packed with tons of functions like unlock the phone feature, picture viewing, Wellness applications and a remote Camera function. Furthermore, users can actually swipe and tap the screen instead of relying on OK Google to get the job done.

If there is a flaw with the device, we have to say that the ASUS ZenWatch lacks customization option. Consumers can only choose from the brown or grey coloured smartwatch. The former is a beauty and the latter is ugly. There simply needs to be more options on this front.