Aston Martin DB11 Could Have Been Better

Although we liked what Aston Martin had done to the new Aston Martin DB11, one fan made it clear that the Aston Martin DB11 could have been better by coming out with a rendering of his own.

The image seen here on Autoblog was created by Jovokhir Samandarov who thinks that the Aston Martin DB11 should actually look like that. What he did what upgrade the headlights on the Aston Martin DB11 giving it a new and simple looking headlight. While some fans seem to like the new headlight upgrade, other think that would rather have the original headlight because the headlight was what gave the DB11 is unique characteristic. Other features that were upgraded included the front bumper.

Who would have thought that minor changes like this could affect the looks of the Aston Martin DB11. Check out the rendering and tell us what you think of it.

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