Ark Paid DLC Before Game Release Is Not Sitting Well With The Fans

A lot of survival game fans took a bet and bought the game, Ark. They were given an Early Access to the game while they wait for the developers to complete the game but before they got the full version, the developer, Wild Card is already trying to push a new paid DLC to the fans and the fans are not happy about that at all.

Many of them felt that if the Wild Card had enough time to work on a DLC, they should have used the time to work on the game instead. They were not happy that the developers had the nerve to ask for more money when the game wasn’t even completed. Many of them felt that the delays of the release of the full game were because they were wasting their time doing DLC like the new Scorched Earth.

It definitely did not help when a Wild Card staff member responded to all the rage by saying that their fans “have short arms and deep pockets” The staff has since apologized but the damage have already been done.

Would you pay for a completed DLC of an incomplete game?


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