Apple’s Siri Feeling Insecure Over Cortana, Alexa, & Google Assistant

Siri is not the only AI out there and compared to some of the other AI that we have like the Cortana from Microsoft, Alexa from Amazon and Google Assistant from Google, it is clear that Siri is in need of an upgrade and that is exactly what Apple is working on right now.

It has been reported that Apple has been picking up some firms in order to improve Siri. The latest tweet from Russ Salakhutdinov, a Carnegie Mellon University professor reveals that he will be joining Apple as a Director of AI research.

He also added that Apple is looking to expand the team as well and is asking people to join Apple to work with his team.

We do not know when the new and improve Siri will make an appearance but at least we can see that Apple is taking it very seriously now and that they understand that Siri needs to be upgraded.

Steven Estevez

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