Apple’s iPhone 7 May Be Dunkable

Apple fans may well be in for another big surprise. The iPhone 7 could surpass its predecessor, the iPhone 6, in becoming more than just water-resistant; it might be waterproof too.

In a patent filed with the US government entitled “LIQUID EXPULSION FROM AN ORIFICE”, it explores in depth, the ways of removing liquid from certain cavities of the iPhone. In other words, it’s the holes of the microphone as well as the grilles of the speakers, which allows internal water damage to the device.

Perhaps it’s all contradictory in utilizing electricity to prevent water damage in the phone, but it might just work out. According to the patent, Apple has developed a way to propel liquids from entering the iPhone’s speaker: using electrical charges through the speaker itself and through microphone ports.

What’s more, Apple will also be using a negatively charged protective screen mesh on the outside of a speaker port in order to avoid water oozing in. That’s double the protection as it acts like an “electric fence” for the liquids. Does it all make sense now? If all goes well, it’ll definitely be the most-wanted feature for the new iPhone.

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