AppleCar: New Lead Steer Project Back On Course

Nobody knows what is going on with Apple and their Project Titan aka AppleCar. The last we heard, the project was getting pushed back due to some unexpected roadblocks but new reports are now saying that things are back on course on that Apple have managed to pull Bob Mansfield out of his retirement hole.

Bob Mansfield was behind some of Apple biggest project like the Apple iPad, MacBook Air, and iMac and even played the advisory role when Apple was working on the Apple Watch.

It seems like Apple is hoping that he would be able to work his magic on the upcoming Project Titan as well.

There have been no real evidence that the Project Titan exist and all the information we seems to have right now are based on leaks and speculations and it looks like Apple doesn’t plan to clear up any of these rumors anytime soon.

It is believed that the Apple Car will be arriving in 2021.


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