Apple Watch Will Have You Waving Like You Just Don’t Care

There is only so much you can do on the tiny screen that the Apple Watch comes with which is why Apple is trying to also make use of all the space you have around the smartwatch.

A new patent application filed by Apple reveal that Apple might be working on some new hand gestures for the Apple Watch. You will be able to control or give certain commands by flicking your wrist.

The gestures will be sense by a wristband sensor which will help determine the command and interpret it. Some of the examples given in the files were opening up applications, dismiss the notification and more.

Apple also suggested that the Apple Watch could also be turned into a remote control and that users will only have to use their hand gestures to control the TV.

Of course, this is just one of the many patents that Apple files every year so we might not even see it but it is still an interesting idea.

Steven Estevez

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