Apple Watch Review: Let The People Speak!

There are numerous smart watches on the market and one of the latest of them is the Apple Watch. But is the device any good, well it seems that the people have spoken.

Many people firmly believe that those who purchased the Apple Watch when it first arrived on the scene were critical of the watch but these people were typically tech product reviewers, whose job it was to review products. On the other hand typical people who bought the watch that weren’t involved in the tech industry raved about how great the watch was.

It is thought that the differences of opinion about the Apple Watch were down to the fact that the writers and critics of tech don’t have much idea about the place of the technology in the real world. The layman, those who rely on the tech in the real world, understand it and this is one of the reasons why Apple has been so successful. Apple seem to have a real understanding of human behaviour and culture and they have been able to deliver what people want.

In short Apple has been able to offer products that people enjoy using in day to day life and this is the same with the Apple Watch. People are more than happy to pay over the odds for something that they know is going to be good quality and work in real life situations.

However $349 is a bit on the steep side just for something that works in real life situations, isn’t it? So it is looking as though the Apple Watch will always have some lovers and some haters. But where do you stand?

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