Apple Watch Release Date Now Just Two Months Away?

It seems that every mainstream smartphone manufacturer has already picked up the wearables trend by launching smartwatches. This is except for Apple, which is pending to roll out the highly anticipated Apple Watch.

Even so, consumers already know that the smartwatch will be retailing at $349 when released. Also, it is expected that the Apple Watch will be coming out by the end of March.

The long wait for the Apple Watch is believed to be due to the production of the iOS that is fit for the smartwatch. Also, there is the issue where the Apple Watch is facing problems with its parts supply. Apparently, each part requires their own screen and processor setup.

An industry analyst shared that Apple aims at producing 25million units of the Apple Watch for this year as they are anticipating high demand for the device. Furthermore, the Apple Watch needs further development on the battery life as they are needed to last a whole day without running low on power.

With that being said, it is no wonder why the Apple Watch failed to make its debut last year. Nevertheless, consumers can look forward to learning more on the Apple Watch when it gets released in a couple of months’ time.


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