Apple Watch Perfect For Students? Try Again

The arrival of the Apple Watch has certainly got many craving to purchase the wearable. A market study over in the UK shows that the number of Apple buyers is on a sharp incline and most of them are from the 18-26 age bracket.

This has got the schools, colleges and also universities worried that students can use the Apple Watch to cheat during an examination. Well, that won’t be happening at all as most learning institutions are imposing a ban on watches in an exam hall.

City University is the first to regulate the new ruling and it took them quite a while to decide that all watches are not allowed in the examination hall. This is because having the invigilators checking each student to see whether they are using a smartwatch can be really time consuming hence the ban on all watches.

For the students that have the intention of cheating, the above must be bitter for them to hear. If they have yet to get the Apple Watch to fulfil their cheating desires, then they should reconsider their decision.

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