Apple Watch 2: Last Longer Or Go Thinner

It seems like this is the upgrades that Apple Watch fans have been asking for. It is believed that Apple will be introducing a new Apple Watch this year called the Apple Watch 2. While some fans are hoping that the Watch will come in with a thinner body this year, other are hoping that the upgrade Apple Watch 2 will come with a bigger battery so that they don’t have to keep charging it.

According to DigiTimes, TPK Holding has revealed that the new Apple Watch 2 will be using the One Glass Solution where only a single piece of glass in used instead of two. The single piece of glass means that Apple could reduce te thickness of the Apple Watch 2 if they want to

However, AppleInsider reported that the device will not be slimmer. They added that the extra space will allow Apple to fit in a smaller battery pack. A slimmer Watch 2 is nice but we think that having a bigger battery should be more beneficial. How about you? Protection Status