Apple Thief Prevention Answer Is At The Tip Your Fingers

If you have misplaced your Apple iPhone or lost it, Apple will allow you to remotely locate or wipe out the details on your device but that is not enough now as Apple will be working to also identify the thief at the same time.

Since all the new Apple iPhone will not come with a fingerprint sensor, Apple is thinking about using the Touch ID sensor on the Apple iPhone to record the fingerprints when the device is reported to be lost.

That means if somebody stole the iPhone tried opening it up with the home button, the device will record their fingerprint and send it to the authority. In the new patent files, it also suggests that Apple might take it a little further and actually record and the voice or snap a picture of the thief.

We don’t know if Apple will get around release this new safety system but it is clear that Apple is still working on making their smartphone more secure.

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