Apple Space Gray Color Leaves iPhone & iPod Users Confused

Fans of Apple and the iPhone and iPod have been a bit confused recently over what the colour Space Gray is supposed to be. Some people have bought devices and have found that the colour isn’t uniform across the devices, with some being darker and some being lighter than others.

It was also pointed out that if you get the iPhone in Space Gray and you want the Apple Watch in the same colour to match, then you are out of luck as while both have the same name, they differ in shades of colour. In this case the watch and the iPod Touch are the same shade, but not the iPhone.

Space Gray on the iPhone 5S was a lot darker than it is on the iPhone 6, however it isn’t as dark as on the Apple Watch, the iPod Touch and the MacBook. If you want a matching pair then you might want to go for the Apple Watch and the 12 inch MacBook as they do match up in colour.

So it seems that if you suffer from obsessive compulsion disorder and it drives you crazy when things don’t match, you better think twice about which Apple devices you choose to go for in Space Gray.

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