Apple Music: Best Reasons To Switch Over

If you don’t use Apple Music at the moment what if any are the reasons for you to switch over to it?

One thing that is cool about Apple Music is the playlists. If for instance you are playing a song and you then would like to hear more music from that person or group you can go to the page of that artist and then click on the song playing in the album.

Now if you were to do this with Spotify or another music app it would start playing the song over from the start, which can get annoying. However with Apple Music it’s different as you continue to play the song but the app knows that you want to shuffle instead of playing the playlist that you chose the song from and it replaces the up next songs.

The same applies with radio when using Apple Music. If you are listening to the radio and an artist comes on that you want to hear more from you can hit the start station from the chosen song or artists and the song continues playing and then goes to the next station.

So there are some reasons why you might want to make the move from other music apps to Apple Music.

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