Apple MacBook Pro Touch Bar: The Important Bits

Apple has just revealed their new Apple MacBook Pro. Besides getting design upgrades, the Apple MacBook Pro will also be coming with new features, specs, and tech. Here is what you need to know.

The Apple MacBook Pro will come in two sizes, a 13inch, and a 15inch. The base model will be an i5 powered model but customers can always choose to get the i7 powered model as well. Those looking for one with a graphic card will have to get the 15inch model.

The Apple MacBook Pro now comes with 100% faster flash storage. The display is 67% brighter, has a 67% higher contrast ratio and has 25% more colors. The device will also come with headphones jacks unlike the new iPhone 7.

The most impressive part about the Apple Macbook Pro is the new Touch Bar on top of the keyboard. The OLED screen will come with a Touch ID and will hold a lot of the shortcut keys as well.

It also comes with a bigger trackpad.

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