Apple MacBook Pro Rejects Apple iPhone 7 Accessory

One of the biggest changes that we saw on the Apple iPhone 7 this year was the missing headphone jack and the new Apple iPhone. Without the jack, the headphones will be connected via the Lightning port.

Since Apple seems to be moving towards that direction, you would think that all the other Apple device will also be getting the same changes but that is not the case. The new Apple MacBook Pro does come with a standard headphone jack and unlike the Apple iPhone 7, it does not come with a lightning port but comes with a Thunderbolt 3 instead which means there is no way the new Apple iPhone 7 headphone will work on the Apple MacBook Pro.

You can always wait for the AirPods to arrive or you can buy some other headphones for the MacBook Pro but that means you might have to carry two types of headphones with you. One for the laptop and one for the smartphone.

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